Antique and Contemporary

Posted on 23rd September 2018

There is something beautiful about mixing an antique painting with a more contemporary print. These two pieces blend two styles seamlessly while leaning against a dark blue wall.

Blast from the past!!

Posted on 23rd September 2018

 So I am still a bit in love with this piece! Everything about it is a statement. Our client came in and asked us to create something completely different and something that would stand out. Essentially we were given creative control. The red and blue on the frame are custom colours which were sprayed very carefully in our spray booth.  The amazing artwork by Jimmy C. is floating within the frame.

Hang art to make a stunning statement!

Posted on 21st September 2018

So I love how this looks on the wall. When pieces are framed the same size, in the same style and colour frame, there is something calming to the eye yet very interesting to look at. This brings unity to a  room.

Framing as part of your interior design

Posted on 20th September 2018

Great interior design creates a theme, adds ambience and conveys a message about your home and your personal tastes. Picture framing helps interior design by enhancing the space and giving it character and personality. Framed artwork can enhance any space by transforming the room into an intimate mini gallery to enjoy at your leisure. The colours in the painting and the style of the frame can bring out the chosen colour, texture or pattern theme of the interior design.  

Douglas Brothers

Posted on 20th September 2018

So we framed up this amazing print by The Douglas Brothers. The print has been float mounted in a hand finished piano black frame. I am loving this hung on a black wall by the way!

For the Animals!

Posted on 23rd March 2017

Love PG’s work. We printed and framed these, a while back, which then went to an exhibition in Brighton. I must confess they have designed some pretty amazing books too! We have a few which our son has always gone back to look at. Check out more of their work on Facebook @AnimalRescueBook , Twitter  @PatrickGeorge2  

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